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With our FREE WordPress Website tutorial and HTML tutorials, you can learn how to setup a website or a blog the quick and easy way! We present the tutorial in a step-by-step easy to understand language. You can either follow the sequence laid out on this page or select the tutorials that interests you. We’re the best WordPress step by step tutorial you can find.

Learn only the basic building blocks of HTML to create a web page. After this learn how to register a domain name and set up a web host using real life examples! Learn and use WordPress. Combine your WordPress knowledge with your basic HTML knowledge to create a professional looking website.

Or just use WordPress by itself by going to our WordPress website tutorial. Make your own website and have it running in just a matter of time! If you are still searching for a web hosting service, find out why we love our web hosting service.

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Are you looking for a WordPress video tutorial instead? Do you want to get it right the first time? Some of us learn better by reading and looking at illustrated examples while some are better at following video instructions. If you respond better to video tutorials then you can start creating your websites through the examples of this WordPress video tutorial.
Step 1: HTML Tutorial
This tutorial shows you the most commonly used topics in HTML in order to understand some aspects of WordPress. Just learn the basics.
Step 4: Setup A Website Tutorial
Put your HTML knowledge to into practice once you have acquired a domain name and web hosting. Create your first web page in just a few minutes.
Step 2: Register A Domain Name Tutorial
Registering a domain name is as easy as 1-2-3. just follow the wizard. And be sure you have your unique domain name lists and credit card ready.
Step 5: WordPress Tutorial
The darling of the blogging community. And WordPress has evolved from just blogs. now you can have a directory or even a shopping cart.
Step 3: Setup A Web Host Tutorial
This is even much easier than you think. Just make sure that you get a web host that can have WordPress and has a good support reputation.
Step 6: Advance Topics
Once you are comfortable with WordPress and HTML then you can stretch your website’s capabilities by these advance WordPress tutorials.

Why Learn WordPress?

The facts from Google Trends show that out of the top three CMS (content management system): WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal – WordPress is the most popular CMS. And it is showing no signs of waning. In fact the trend in the graph shows that it is growing strong as ever becuase it is easy to use and it’s free!

The themes and plugins are given for free which you can download from the WordPress website. And if you want to get more value then you can buy support services from businesses that offer premium plugins and themes. And this is the WordPress economy which makes the CMS popular and in demand world wide.

If you need help in setting up your blog or website click here for more details..

More WordPress Website Tutorials

Do you already have a WordPress website? Have we got some tutorials for the intermediate and advance user. Just check some of these WordPress website tutorials found below:

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Add Games Tutorial.

Make your website full of bells and whistles by adding games to your site! It’s so easy! You can either use WordPress plugins of you can do it the easier way. These two tutorials shows you how.

Top 3 wordPress Game Plugins
WordPress Games – Turn your Site To An Arcade

What is a domain name worth?

If you are planning to have a website then this tutorial is also a good place to start. If you already have a website then this tutorial might be able to give you some insights as to whether you should think of another domain name.

Domain Name Tutorial

Slideshow Tutorial for WordPress.

Impress your online visitors by adding an Image Slideshow to your website! It’s also easy! And there are lots of plugins to choose from. Start with these two fantastic plugins.

Add A Slideshow With Meteor Slide
Frontpage Slideshow
Slideshow of Wedding Photographers in Cincinnati

SEO Tutorial For WordPress.

Take your website to the top of search engine results. Search Engine Optimization – or SEO – is the hottest buzz word in town. Learn how the pros optimize websites in order to get lots of traffic. Have a look at some of these SEO tutorial articles:

SEO For WordPress – Domains
SEO For WordPress – Hosting
SEO For WordPress – Contents

More Search Engine Optimization Tutorial
WordPress All In One SEO
Download SEO Tutorial
Best Columbus Ohio SEO (Map)

CSS Tutorial for WordPress.

Take more control of your WordPress website by understanding and using CSS or Cascading Style Sheet. HTML and CSS are the keys to create and modify WordPress themes. But their also useful in creating visually stunning contents and layouts for your web posts. All explained in this tutorial.

CSS Tutorial


WordPress Theme tutorial.

If you have a creative flair and would like to create your won theme, then we have just started a tutorial on theme development.
The tutorial is a step-by-step instruction on how to create your development environment, modify themes and finally create your own WordPress themes.

Create your own WordPress environment
How To Modify A WordPress Theme

Advance WordPress website tutorial.

If you really want to make your WordPress website fly then these mini-tutorials will get help you started in understanding and using PHP to create greater functionalities for your site. There are even tutorials on how to start creating your own themes.

Advance WordPress Tutorial

HTML To WordPress.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of websites that are still in HTML coding. Chances are it’s hard for the owner to maintain this kind of setup. Thus, convincing website owners to switch to a CMS based website – like WordPress – is a great opportunity. Start taking advantage of this opportunity by learning how to convert websites from HTML to WordPress.

HTML To WordPress Tutorial

Build Your Own Website Tutorial.

Looking to build a WordPress website of your own but unsure what it will be all about? If you really want visitors to your site, then a tutorial website is one way to do it. Here are some ideas which may inspire you.

List of website tutorials you can make

Stop WordPress Spam Comments.

Do not waste your time manually tagging comments that are spam. You can automate this process by following some of our suggestions.

WordPress Spam Comments

WordPress and Websites.

Find out what’s the latest and greatest in WordPress and websites in general. If you think WordPress is cool, find out what makes it awesome!


HTML5′s New Features.

It’s not yet the de facto standard in browsers but HTML5 has already claimed some casualty. And that’s Flash Mobile being declared dead! See what makes HTML5 the tool.